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Dedicated to impactful writing, speaking, teaching and research in forensic psychology, feminism & mental health.


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As a huge believer in making research, lectures and information available to everyone - this page contain links to videos and vlogs that Jessica Eaton has made to discuss topics in sexual violence, CSE, forensic psychology, victim blaming and spoken word.


Simply click on a topic to be taken to a page full of free videos that you can use for CPD, teaching, lecturing, training, team days and research.

Improving practice in CSE

Victim blaming

The 60-second series


Spoken word poetry

An 8-part series filmed in March 2017 to discuss the practice in the UK when children are sexually exploited - the gaps in research and how the field can improve.

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A selection of videos discussing victim blaming in sexual violence and child sexual abuse. This page includes Jessica's 4-part series explaining her resaearch into the societal factors of victim blaming.

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A 8 part series in which Jessica explains concepts from sexual violence and child sexual exploitation in just 60 seconds. Complete with timer!

A 6-part series explaining the key reasons why practitioners and local authorities should oppose CSE films being used with children in the UK. There is also a link to the form where you can add your name.

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As a huge fan of spoken word and slam poetry, Jessica has been writing since childhood. Every now and then, she uploads some of her spoken word about sexual violence here.

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