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The little orange book


This haunting passage comes from a collection of real poems written by a child who was being sexually abused by different boys and men in her home town. Between the ages of 11 and 17, she kept a secret book of poetry where she explored her thoughts, feelings and experiences of sexual abuse and violence.


What can we learn from this unique example of writing from a child experiencing severe abuse, rape and daily violence? What can we learn about how she coped with and understood what was happening to her?

'The Little Orange Book' Launch

25th September 2018 10am

Derby Conference Centre

You can buy general admission tickets - or tickets with a signed copy of the book!

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Jessica Eaton and Claire Paterson-Young work through the poems, performing thematic analysis and grounding the voice of the child in empirical literature to inform our understanding and to improve the way we support children during and after abuse. A must-read for parents and professionals alike.


Planned for launch at an official event on the 25th September 2018, The Little Orange Book contains over 20 poems, analysis, evidence from the literature and recommendations for supporting children who are experiencing sexual violence and abuse. Jessica and Claire have appointed a range of excellent peer reviewers for the book and an outstanding line up of guests for the launch day.

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There are a limited number of free stalls available at this event - please email for more details

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