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The little orange book

In September 2018, Jessica Eaton and co-author Claire Paterson will be launching a unique new book into the field of child sexual abuse.


In August 2017, Jessica and Claire discovered a collection of poems written by a child who was being sexually abused by a number of people. The poems had remained hidden for over 13 years in a little orange book.


The poems are written between the ages of 12-17 years old by a girl trying to make sense of what was happening to her, by using articulate and curious poetry. She repeatedly writes verses about her confusion, pain, abuse and undying love for the abusers.


The book will be written for adults and professionals, containing 20 original poems, opened up, explored and analysed using existing research, literature and the subject expertise of both Claire and Jessica. However, whilst planning the book, the authors realised that the poems may be extremely useful for children, too. Therefore, the book will have a unique companion, written especially for younger readers.


Claire and Jessica will be organising book launches and events in September 2018 across the UK and the book will go on sale for pre-orders only in July 2018.


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