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Dedicated to impactful writing, speaking, teaching and research in forensic psychology, feminism & mental health.



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Jessica is a specialist in sexual violence, victim blaming and feminist perspectives and also provides a variety of professional services across the UK, ranging from smaller one-off speaking or appearance events to large, longitudinal evaluations and research studies. An overview of the services available are provided below, but if there is anything else you would like to discuss, please email or head over to the contact page.

- Psychology, mental health and social issues research

- Quantitative and qualitative research

- Shorter and longer pieces of work

- Surveys, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups

- Research with vulnerable and marginalised groups

- Cost effective for small and large organisational budgets

- Ethical, high quality and critical research


Contact Jessica to discuss: 

- Psychology, mental health and social care evaluations

- Evaluations of interventions, safety, efficiacy, outcomes and validity of assessments

- Charities, statutory services and private companies

- Honest, critical and useful recommendations, appraisals and evaluations of service delivery and performance

- Person-centred, client-focussed evaluations


Contact Jessica to discuss: 

- Specialist in sexual and domestic violence, child abuse, mental health, childhood trauma, counselling skills, criminal justice support, victims of crime, gender issues, self harm

- Write bespoke training packages for organisations to use in house

- Training of all professionals working with children or adults

-Authoring of new resources for professionals


Contact Jessica to discuss: 

- Engaging, passionate and inspirational public speaker

- Experienced with small crowds to very large conference events, two DVDs, online videos, TV interviews

- Keynote speaker in topics such as sexual violence, child sexual abuse, feminism, mental health, trauma, gender and VAWG

- Conferences, DVDs, TV, Radio, public events, seminars


Contact Jessica to discuss: 

- Experienced lecturer and teacher at college, undergrad and postgrad in sexual violence, victim blaming, child sexual exploitation and abuse and forensic psychology

- Experienced teacher of primary and secondary school students on the topics of sex, relationships, grooming, porn, consent, citizenship and humanism

- Author of school resources for primary and secondary schools


Contact Jessica to discuss:

- Experienced and successful bid writer in mental health services and psychological programmes

- Policy and procedure writing and quality assurance

- Business planning in charitable sector

- Self-generated income plans and evaluations

- Article, blog, book chapter and report writing

- Training, handbook and educational resource writing


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CSE team trained by Jessica Eaton win Social Work Award 2016/17


Dear Jessica


I am always immensely proud of the work all of us  do around sexual exploitation but today feel I would like to share with you the recognition that the CSE team have had from the National Social Worker Awards last Friday (as well as Nicholas Jefferies who was one of our CSE champions who you trained – who was nominated for AYSE social worker of the year)


The team have worked so hard over the past year and a half since they evolved and continue to work hard to ensure that young people who are at risk of being groomed and exploited are recognised.


We have through our journey learnt so much from you and your training and good practice that you share so felt it important to share with you our recognition as you have been very much a part of us being able to achieve what we have.


In my 37 years I have to say you have been one of the most inspirational trainers I have had the pleasure to meet you have really motivated my team in the work they do and I cannot thank you enough for that


So from all of us at Coventry Horizon and our CSE champions - thank you all for all the help, resources, encouragement, and support over the past year and a half!


Sue Whitmore

Service Manager - Coventry Horizon CSE Team.