Jessica Eaton

Dedicated to impactful writing, speaking, teaching and research in forensic psychology, feminism & mental health.


Research Interests

Recent Work

PhD Psychology

Thesis Title: ‘The Effect of Victim Blaming and Self Blame on the Recovery and Revictimisation of Female Sexual Assault and Rape Victims’




1. Literature review and new theoretical model of the social factors contributing to and supporting the victim blaming of women affected by sexual violence - completed


2. The design, testing and analysis of a new psychometric measure of victim blaming of sexual violence victims (N=1200) - completed


3. Semi structured interviews of women who have experienced sexual violence on their thoughts about victim blaming and self blame - completed


4. Semi structured interviews of therapists, counsellors and support workers in sexual violence on how they attempt to support women who have been blamed for experiencing sexual violence -completed


(Studies are all complete, thesis is being written up for submission)




Other research interests


Stereotyping, attitudes and perceptions of rape and sexual/domestic/childhood abuse


Origins and effects of victim-blaming on society and individuals


Oppression and abuse of women and girls across the world


The psychological effect of abuse on the person including risk of re-victimisation, self-blame, guilt, acknowledgement & trauma


Perceptions of psychological services and counselling services for abuse in the BAME community and by people with physical and learning disabilities


Feminist psychology including hyper-sexualisation, gender issues, masculinity, objectification, porn and sex equality


The effect of training to break down stereotypes and myths surrounding child abuse on professionals in the UK


Design and evaluation of scales, measurements, assessments and psychometric tools in mental health, crime and abuse


Perceptions and stigma of male mental health and help-seeking behaviours in crisis

The development of the first psychometric measure to test the attribution of blame towards female sexual violence victims (BOWSVA Scale)


The design, development and implementation of a new CSE therapeutic support programme for children in care


The design, research, development and implementation of a new CSE evaluative framework for CSE residential units


Delivered an accredited training programme for children who have experienced sexual exploitation to become public speakers


Evaluation of teaching, assessment and feedback across an entire university using qualitative methods


Service evaluation for a large multiple category prison to assess the impact of ongoing changes on the safety of prisoners and staff


Design, delivery and evaluation of a rolling programme of CSE training for social workers (confidential)


Design and evaluation of a new CSE training programme for police force (confidential)


Author of 'Child Sexual Exploitation ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ Handbook for KS3 and KS4 Teachers'


Evidence-Based Policing, Norfolk and Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner


Evaluation of a community domestic violence perpetrator programme


Evaluation of a newly implemented triage system for 999 calls and response (confidential)


The Eaton Foundation - Male Mental Health Survey 2015


Author of 'Primary Schools Handbook: Session plans for sex education and health relationships work with 4-11 year olds'


The Eaton Foundation Trustee Board - Founder and Chairperson


The Eaton Foundation Male Mental Health Survey 2014


Author of Strategies and Tools for Abuse Counsellors Handbook  



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