Jessica Eaton

Dedicated to impactful writing, speaking, teaching and research in forensic psychology, feminism & mental health.


Publications and Presentations

This list contains work from 2017 onwards (for pre-2017, please contact me for a list)





Eaton, J. (2018) Sexual Exploitation and Mental Health, Research in Practice for Adults, Dartington Press


Eaton, J. (2018) Can I tell you what it feels like? Exploring the harm caused by CSE films, VictimFocus


Eaton, J. Coulson, L. & King, S. (2018) Birmingham Assessment Change Initiative Report, University of Birmingham


Eaton, J. (2017) The impact of child sexual exploitation training on a whole police force: An evaluation of impact, knowledge and attitudes, Safe and Sound Group


Eaton, J. & Holmes, D. (2017) Working effectively to address child sexual exploitation: An evidence scope, Research in Practice, Dartington Press


Eaton, J. (2017) The impact of child sexual exploitation training for children’s services in a city council, Safe and Sound Group


Eaton, J. (2016) We need to talk about CSE toolkits, Safe and Sound Group



Books and Chapters


Eaton, J. (2018) ‘Victim blaming is at the core of the CJS’, Report or not to Report: Survivor Testimony of the Injustice System, pp.184-192, Resonance Press


Eaton, J. & Paterson-Young, C. (in press) The Little Orange Book: Learning about abuse from the voice of the child, VictimFocus


Eaton, J. (in preparation for 2019) ‘Approaches to preventing Child Sexual Exploitation: Critical Perspectives’ in Preventing Sexual Violence, Policy Press, London


Eaton, J. (in preparation for 2019) ‘Hypersexualisation of children and the media’ in Preventing Sexual Violence', Policy Press, London




Invited Keynotes and Presentations


Eaton, J. (2018) Keynote Speech – ‘Victim blaming of women who have experienced sexual violence’, SATEDA Conference, Kent


Eaton, J. (2018) Keynote Speech – ‘Understanding blame and self blame of victims of sexual abuse’, NOTA Conference, Glasgow


Eaton, J. (2018) Keynote Speech – ‘Exploring the harm caused by CSE films: When preventative methods go wrong’, Prevention of Sexual Violence Conference, Worcester


Eaton, J. (2018) Conference Presentation – ‘Exploring victim blaming in sexual violence in higher education’, Sexual Violence in Higher Education Conference, Loughborough University


Eaton, J. (2017) Keynote Speech and Chair – ‘VAWG: Are we out of the woods yet?’ Parliamentary Conference on Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, London


Eaton, J. (2017) Invited Seminar – ‘Exploring safeguarding and evidence in child sexual exploitation: A seminar for psychologists in practice’, British Psychological Society, London


Eaton, J. & Woodhams, J. (2017) Conference Presentation - Things I ‘should’ have done differently: Factors affecting victim blaming and self-blame of women who have experienced sexual violence and abuse, VIA Conference, Coventry University


Eaton, J. & Woodhams, J. (2016) Conference Presentation - 'Exploring the impact of victim blaming on self blame and revictimisation' Sheffield University Sexual Violence Research Symposium



Invited projects and funding


Eaton, J. (2018) Victim blaming in sexual violence: An invited visit to USA universities to lecture and speak at events on doctoral research in victim blaming of women who have experienced sexual violence


Eaton, J. (2018) Improving E-Safety Education in Schools: A funded project to evaluate, revise and pilot new e-safety materials to schools that challenge victim blaming of children who have been abused online


Eaton, J. (2018) Improving practice in Child Sexual Exploitation: A funded project to evaluate current local authority responses to CSE and to explore more innovative and evidence-based ways of identifying and supporting children who are being sexually exploited


Eaton, J. (2019-2020) Understanding Child Sexual Exploitation practice: A funded project to take a retrospective and future look at how a local authority has responded to cases of CSE as practice has evolved over the years


Eaton, J. (2018) Having children from rape: A funded report and ethical recommendations to production company making a feature length documentary on the experiences of women who have had children from a rape in UK


Eaton, J. (2017-2018) Improving evaluation and tracking of child outcomes in residential care: Two funded projects to design, develop, implement and pilot new self-evaluation methods in residential care companies working with children who have experienced trauma from abuse


Eaton, J. (2017-2018) Evaluating prison safety: A funded project to conduct live action research in a male prison exploring feelings of safety of the prisoners and the prison staff