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About Jessica

Jessica Eaton is the founder and owner of VictimFocus, the VictimFocus Blog and The Eaton Foundation. VictimFocus is her independent business providing research, consultancy, writing and speaking in forensic psychology, feminism and mental health. The VictimFocus Blog has over 30,000 readers per month and provides a lively, funny and critical perspective on CSE, victim blaming and sexual violence. The Eaton Foundation is a registered charity providing free, holistic mental health and wellbeing support to men over 18 years old and Jessica set up the first male mental health centre in the UK in 2015.


Jessica is an engaging, passionate speaker, lecturer, researcher and writer in field of sexual violence and mental health. With a career history in the management of victim and witness services in the criminal justice system, training and managing rape counselling services, setting up the first male mental health centre in the UK and training thousands of police, social workers, health staff, elected members, psychologists and local authority staff in child sexual abuse and safeguarding. She currently works to change the field of sexual violence by challenging victim blaming, victim stereotyping and the pathologisation of abuse victims.


Currently at the Centre for Criminological and Forensic Psychology at the University of Birmingham as a Doctoral Researcher undertaking PhD in Forensic Psychology, Jessica specialises in the way women and girls are socialised to be blamed when they experience sexual harassment, assault or abuse and are encouraged to blame themselves. Victim blaming, self-blame and revictimisation are Jessica's passion. For more information about research, please go to the Research and Recent Work page.


An overview of achievements and experience


2010: Started volunteering for Victim Support as a Witness Service Volunteer specialising in domestic and sexual violence trials

2011: Became Service Delivery Manager for Staffordshire Crown & Magistrates Courts Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness Programme (VIW) & Restorative Justice Programme

2011: Started to write psychology articles for Science Magazine

2012: Became Service and Training Co-ordinator of Sexual Abuse & Rape Counselling Centre - Redesigned and launched sexual violence counsellor training programme, trained a team of over 30 counsellors, psychotherapists and support volunteers and won two voluntary sector awards

2013: Founded The Eaton Foundation - Male Mental Health and Wellbeing Charity and developed the #MenNeedToTalkToo Campaign

2014: Became Training Manager for National Programme in CSE/A & Human Trafficking - Rewrote and launched a national CPD accredited programme of training and education for local authorities, police forces, education staff, mental health professionals and children's services, managed a team of national specialists in sexual violence and wrote ten new training modules with excellent reviews

2015: Started to study PhD Psychology

2015: Renovated derelict building and launched first male mental health centre in the UK and won five third sector awards and over £500,000 of grant funding

2016: Conducted six sensitive research and evaluation work projects for police forces and local authorities on various topics such as CSE practice and domestic violence perpetrator programmes

2016: Commissioned to write and deliver training for over 4500 professionals this year

2017: Speaker at national conference of National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers (NAIRO)

2017-18: Conducting independent qualitative research of prison staff and prisoner safety

2017: Sat on the expert panel for new film SOLD about Human Trafficking

2017: Became an associate researcher, writer and trainer for Research in Practice (Topics: sexual violence, harmful sexual behaviours)

2017: Developed the first psychometric scale measuring the blame of women who have experienced sexual violence and abuse (BOWSVA)

2017: Author of revised CSE evidence review and practice guidance (October, 2017 - Published by RiP)

2017: Author of research into impact of CSE training on children's services professionals (September 2017, Published by Safe and Sound)

2017: Chair of the Parliamentary Conference on VAWG

2017: Shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize for work in VAWG

2018: Author of longitudinal research on the impact of CSE training on an entire police force in the UK (October 2017, Published by Safe and Sound)

2018: Author of new evidence review and practice guidance 'Sexual Exploitation of Adults and Mental Health' (March 2018 - Published by RiPfA)

2018: Lecturing at five universities doctoral programmes in forensic psychology, feminism and abuse

2018: Launching The Little Orange Book analysing poetry written in child sexual abuse (25th September 2018)

2018: Launching a new programme 'CSE, Islam and Culture' beginning April 2018

2018: Working on a new film about VAWG (confidential content)

2018: Lecturing in USA on victim blaming of women and girls

2018-2020: Conducting independent qualitative research for a local authority on child sexual exploitation practice

2020: Launching 'Why Women are to Blame for Everything' new book summer 2020



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